Tuesday, August 17, 2004

To my co-workers

I got a call from HR this morning. About my blog.

Apparently you guys are reading the blog. I had no idea. I hope you find it interesting and entertaining.

So, first I had a small heart attack. Then I calmed down after it became clear that I’m not in trouble. Not precisely, anyway. However, over the course of the conversation, I realized there are a few things I need to make clear now that I know you are reading:

1. I work very hard. I generally spend close to 50 hours a week at work, and it’s not unheard of for me to work more than that. I also take work home. I pride myself on my work ethic. And while I can’t say that I’ve never written a blog entry at work, I generally work on my posts at home, and sometimes push the drafts live from here. (This is acceptable under company policy – believe me, I asked that question this morning.) To give you a comparison point, I spend less work time blogging in a week than the average smoker spends on smoke breaks in a day, ok? (No, I'm not slamming smokers. Smoke your little lungs out. I don't begrudge you your breaks.)

In fact, one of the many motivations I had for starting the blog was to be a better writer. For work. So don’t look at dates and times and think I’m some sort of slacker. I can assure you, I’m not. And I think my dates are set for Singapore or something, because they don’t always line up with when I was actually posting.

2. This blog is not about you. Not even a little bit. It is about me, and my thoughts. My job is a big part of my life, so work will come up. But really, my blog is about me. I generally try to be respectful of, well, everyone, but in particular, my coworkers. I like you guys.

3.The post that seems to have caused some problems? Is not about anyone who works here. It is about people at one of the outside companies I work with from time to time. One of the reasons their behavior made the blog is because I was so shocked by it. People who work here typically hold themselves to a much higher standard. I keep my work posts vague on purpose in an attempt to avoid trouble, not cause it.

So, whoever you are – you are not Mr. Infuriatingly Superior or Ms. Unprofessional Baby. I’m sorry you thought I was talking about you, and your feelings were hurt. I would like to point out that it isn't my fault that you assumed I meant you. I can only reassure you with this – as I mentioned in a recent post, if I have a problem with you, you’ll know about it.

4. Now that I know my co-workers are reading, I will probably be blogging about work less, just so that I can avoid inadvertently hurting anyone’s feelings again. I’m comfortable with thinking of myself as straightforward. I’m not so comfortable with thinking of myself as insensitive.

5. Also, you might want to keep in mind that sometimes I exaggerate for comedic effect.

There you have it -- all the disclaimers I can think of right now. So, please read, enjoy, leave comments. And remember: I’m not talking about you.

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