Thursday, August 05, 2004

a few random items

• I realized I am wearing the exact same clothes that I wore to work last Thursday. I hope the outfit police don't get me.

• Somone robbed the bank accross the street from my building. The cops were up on the roof of our parking garage for a bit, but they didn't do anything interesting.

• We are still lacking power in half the house, but John has successfully employed extension cords to rig up the computer so he can use it. I have orders to bring home more extension cords so we can watch TV tonight.

• I just called Pepco again to complain that 7 hours didn't really fit my definition of "soon." I breezed through the voice menu now that I know all you have to say is the word "person," only to be told that there is a 1 hour 16 minute wait to speak to a representative. Maybe they should hire some more people.

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