Friday, August 13, 2004

5 Signs you’ve been working too hard

1. You start struggling with English, which is your native language:
a) you write copy every day. For a living. And suddenly you catch yourself mixing up homonyms as you type. Write/right. Here/hear. And the ever popular they’re/there/their trio.
b) apostrophes start to confound you, so you spend extra time rewording your copy to avoid plural possessives.
c) you find yourself making up words, and it’s not because you are mocking George W. Bush.

2. Irrationality:
a) you get irritated with your husband for eating macaroni and cheese for lunch after saying he didn’t want it for dinner the night before
b) the car that stole “your” space on the street really pisses you off, even though you know the street belongs to everyone.

3. Confusion:
a) you intend to call your husband, but your fingers dial your boss
b) it takes you a couple of seconds to figure out that you have not reached your husband
c) you go to the Safeway to get dinner and buy only a six pack of coke and frozen garlic bread. The logic behind these purchases? They were on sale. Nevermind that no one would ever define coke and garlic bread as dinner.

4. Stupidity – concepts you have grasped firmly since 3rd grade start to elude you:
a) you briefly can’t remember whether big bang theory refers to the creation of the planet earth or the creation of the universe (a slight difference in scale)
b) you screw up simple addition

5. The inability to stop thinking about work, ever:
a) you dream about spreadsheets
b) you write copy and make website to do lists in your head while walking the dog
c) your husband and blog readers are subject to many diatribes about work

But all is not lost! I declare this weekend to be all about Hilldery. I am going to buy a cheesy novel and lose myself in it. I will laze around the house and not worry about vacuuming. I plan to enjoy the company of my husband and my dog and emerge on Monday morning a relaxed, re-energized woman. And I will not think about work at all!

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