Friday, July 23, 2004

With arms wide open

So last night, John and I watched the movie Underworld.  I liked it.  John thought it was merely ok.  I’m usually a total wuss who can’t watch anything scary, but I have an obsession with vampire movies.  Also anything that has to do with Jack the Ripper, for some reason.  That Johnny Depp movie, From Hell?  Loved it.  Anyway, I liked Underworld.  Lots of people skulking around in cool black outfits, loud music, fast paced action scenes etc…everything a vampire movie needs.  When I get all skinny and fit?  I want to look like Kate Beckinsale does in this movie.  Except with curly blonde hair. 

There is, however, one big  problem with this movie.

One of the leads, a character named Michael, looks just like the singer from Creed.  Oh how I loathe that guy.  For all I know, he is a wonderful person.  But I do not care for his music or his Eddie Vedder rip-off voice.  John hates him too.  This is not the household for a Creed fan.   We actually even have a psychic Creed-hating connection.  Here’s the conversation we had when I got home from work on the day Creed broke up.

 John: Did you hear the good news?
Me: What, that Creed broke up?
John: That’s amazing.  How did you know that’s what I was talking about?
Me:  Well, what else could it be?
John:  This is a glorious day for music (or something like that – I think there was some insulting of Creed as well.  John is very creative with his insults.)

And then here's last night's conversation:

John: This guy looks like Scott Stapp.  It's annoying.
Me: I know!  I was just thinking the same thing.  It’s kind of ruining the movie for me.

Luckily, Mr. Creed lookalike gets turned into a werewolf and a vampire, so he starts to look a little different towards the end of the movie.  And they totally left it open for a sequel, which I have to admit, I will watch.  As usual, I want to know what happens next.

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