Friday, July 23, 2004

Random Friday thoughts

First the good news: 
Two people have now told me I look like I’ve lost weight.  Totally unsolicited by me.  Woohoo!  I am sticking to my plan to not get on the scale until August, but it is nice to hear that all this self control is paying off.

This morning, my boss told me I’m going to do the business plan for 2005 for my pub.  Not help her do it.  Do it by myself.  Gulp.  That’s a little intimidating, but also exciting. 

Then the bad news:
I don’t think the person I want to hire for my assistant marketing manager position is going to work out.  I am so sick of the hiring process!!  I don’t want to interview any more people.  I don’t want to play little negotiation games.  I just want to hire someone.  And soon.

Also, it’s really humid out today (July + DC = humid) and my car smells swampy.  I hope that goes away.

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