Monday, July 12, 2004

A Quick Politcal Rant

I actually got to work on time today, which means I could be home right now if I weren't waiting for the broadcast team. Again. Grr. And what makes it worse is that I'm waiting around to approve a broadcast that isn't even supposed to be my responsibility anymore. Sadly, the person who should approve it leaves at 3, and they didn't have the tests ready before she was done for the day. So, until I get to go, here are a couple of the stories that I read about today that made me want to rant.

1. The Senate is debating a Constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. Why is the conservative answer always "amend the Constitution"? The Constitution is a big deal. Leave it alone!!! Also, why do people find gay marriage so threatening? I don't get it. My sister-in-law seems to think that a gay marriage just couldn't be as valid as a straight one and I don't see why. Love is love. Straight people don't have a monopoly on that. And why do they say "the institution of marriage is under attack"? Gay people place such a high value on marriage that they are clamoring for the right to get married themselves. That shows a lot more respect for the institution than, say, Britney Spears or Jennifer Lopez.

2. Homeland Security is floating the idea of postponing the election if there's another terrorist attack, saying al Queda wants to interfere with the US elections. There are so many flaws in that scenario that I don't even know where to begin, so let me just say this: The only possibility I can think of where I might find it acceptable to postpone an election would be if one of the candidates died right before the election. Otherwise, postponing an election feels a little too much like martial law. I sincerely hope that Americans will take to the streets in massive protests if the election is postponed. I can promise you I'll be there.

3. And now for an international rant. It's marching season again in Northern Ireland. I find this to be particularly stupid on all sides. (full bias disclosure: yes, my family came from Ireland -- a long, long time ago. And yes, they were Catholic, so I'm firmly in the Catholic camp, although I'm not actually Catholic myself.) The Orangemen (Protestants) march through the Catholic neighborhoods, celebrating a victory that ocurred in 1690. How about you just let that go already and maybe give your country a chance at peace? You oppressed the Catholics for hundreds of years and feel you must keep rubbing their noses in it? That's classy. And the Catholics? Why not just ignore the stupid bastards? They'll have a lot less fun if you just pretend they aren't having their silly, childish parades.

Ok, I'm done ranting now. I'm still waiting for the broadcast team, but now I'm going to go read other people's blogs.

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