Friday, July 02, 2004

Bunny Ears

Note to bad drivers: bunny ears just might make your lives easier.

I just ran out to get some lunch, and on the way back I got stuck behind a very slow car. Normally, this would make me nuts -- I'm a bit of an impatient driver -- but for some reason the driver of this car was wearing bunny ears.

I was so busy laughing about the bunny ears and making up reasons why this person would be driving around wearing bunny ears (singing telegram...lost a bet...thinks he's part bunny?) that I wasn't even slightly annoyed, and did not drive aggressively at all.

So, if you know anyone who isn't a very good driver, you may want to consider suggesting that they drive around wearing bunny ears. They'll probably experience a noticeable drop in being tailgated, honked at and passed by irritated drivers.

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