Saturday, July 03, 2004

All the little things

There are a bunch of things I would have written about over the last week if I'd had just a wee bit more time. Here's a quick summary. I'll leave it up to you to decide if these topics would have been interesting in greater detail.

• Arnold Schwartzenegger withdrew his "kill the pets quicker" proposal after an outcry from just about everyone in the country. I've decided to chalk that one up to cultural differences -- Tuetonic efficiency clashes with the American love of animals. One of his aides really should have said something to him. But, Arnold, I'll never feel the same way about you again.

• A much longer Fahrenheit 9/11 post.

• Mysterious shower curtain malfunctions. Twice this week I've gotten out of the shower to discover that I have flooded my bathroom. And I mean flooded. I have no idea how I'm doing this.

• Some jerk threw a soda at my car while it was parked. I came out to find a straw stuck to the driver's side window and the whole side of the car sticky. Yuck.

• The co-worker who is spending $85 to get a short of cortisone in a zit that will go away on its own in just a few days.

• My problems with Hello, which is supposed to allow me to post photos, but which I cannot get to work.

• Comcast finally cancelled my cable. And I miss it so.

And there you have it. Next week should be much calmer, and I'll be back to my old blogging self again.

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