Tuesday, July 27, 2004

All better now

Well, not really.  I still have all of the problems that were making me nuts yesterday…potential employees making ridiculous demands…a message that tanked…an insane amount of work to do…people not doing their jobs, making my life harder and pissing me off…and so on.

But today I do not care, because I just got a totally unexpected promotion!!  You can call me Marketing Director Hilldery.  And I got a raise.  Yay!

I thought today was going to suck even more than yesterday, because I had many, many meetings.  My boss doesn’t actually work here, so when she’s physically in the office she books meetings all day long.  And we did have plenty of meetings.  But one of them was so she could tell me about my promotion.  And take me out to lunch to celebrate.  Plus, my old boss was here with her 2 month old baby boy, so I got to play with a baby.  A sweet-smelling, snuggly, adorable little baby.

Tomorrow, it will be back to reality.  But today is fun.

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