Friday, June 25, 2004

Today’s sticker? Probably a frowny face.

So, you know how I was all braggy yesterday about what a great employee I am? That didn’t last so long. Today went something like this:

Arrived late as usual. (It’s ok though. I always stay late. Always.)
Eat breakfast. Whole wheat English muffin with all natural peanut butter. Very healthy. Read blogs while eating.
Chat with co-worker about:
a) how all my friends are getting graduate degrees
b) how we are outraged that Metro is forcing people to buy Smartrip cards to pay for parking because they can’t keep their employees from stealing money. Debate how this will affect tourists.
c) the horrible eating habits of other co-workers children as seen at company picnic, which I did not attend. (Note to Chris – I had an exemption due to two team members being on vacation. And yes, you do get in trouble if you don’t go. I missed the Christmas party two years ago because I was sick, and I got a very sharp email about it from the assistant to the Chairman the next day.)

Actually start doing some work. Get broadcast team their formatted copy and lists by 11:15 am. Still haven’t seen my tests and it is 5:08. What the hell are they doing?
Waste a lot of time looking for blue checkered folders that I’m supposed to use for jobs for my product. Someone is hoarding folders, and when I find out who it is, they will pay. Finally track down two folders buried in file cabinet.
Put new job into web design.
Put new job into ecomm.
IM Becky about hanging out tomorrow.
Go to and find article about Schwartzenegger. Write angry post about how evil he is.
Eat lunch. Pretty healthy – cheese sandwich and salad. Write an email. Read gossip on What's the deal with DMX?
Go visit a co-worker. She’s busy, but does have tootsie rolls on her desk. Yummy.
Start getting headache. Storms are rolling in. Make tea.
Can’t concentrate. Go to and look at housing prices. I can only afford to live in Thurmont MD, apparently. That’s practically in Pennsylvania! Start looking at townhouses. Get caught by co-worker looking at townhouses I don’t really want in a place where I don’t really want to live.
Talk to him about renewal reporting.
Feel grumpy and poor.
Talk to husband about Farenheit 9/11. Can't get tickets until Sunday.
Write document for direct mail team and pass it along. Feel very virtuous for completing it on time.
Perform boring data entry to track renewals, because I said I would. Am proud to cross that off my list.
Ignore several other items on the list. Feel guilty, briefly. Then move them to Monday’s list.
Melissa calls. Yeah! She’s coming in on Wednesday. Give her directions. Round up other people to interview her.
Mutter to self about broadcast team. Really, what are they doing?
Decide to write a blog entry, confessing that I’ve lost my gold star from yesterday.

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