Thursday, June 17, 2004

So, yesterday? totally sucked. Today is better.

I'm not even sure where to begin describing how much I did not enjoy yesterday. It wasn't the worst day I've ever had at work. But it has made the top ten list.

First, I had an enormous amount of work to do. This is partially because I have a lot to do, and partially because on Monday I did the thing where you work on little easy stuff all day because you just don't want to work on the hard projects. So, I screwed myself there. And I came in to 15 emails from my boss that just added to the pile.

Then, well, my day went off track. I don't think I should talk about the details, since this isn't about me, but I will say this -- it's much harder to be a manager, and to try to be a good manager than I ever thought it would be. And frustrating when you try to help and just can't fix the problem. At times, I wondered if I was actually making the situation worse, instead of better. But after a lot of stress for everyone involved, we got things worked out in the end.

Only to have another (kind of related) bombshell land in my lap.

Which meant that while I did get some work done during the day, I didn't really get started on my work until 6 pm. And then I got to end the day with a big fight with my husband, who thinks I let my job take advantage of me (and who was also annoyed that he had to wait for me because he had the car yesterday.) We don't fight all that much, and I hate it when we do.

But we made up. And I'm working on the plan to deal with the bombshell that will make everything ok. Plus, I just won $25 on trivia at Recognition Day, and now I'm eating free pizza while I blog.

And, what did I see when I checked out my blog? Comments! Nice ones, from Claire, Chris, Zoot and Amalah! All bloggers I like. Go read them! You'll like them too, I swear. Amalah added me to her blogroll, so the number of links to my site has doubled this week! And she was very encouraging about me attending JournalCon.

So, today is better.

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