Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Short Attention Span Hilldery

Do you think it is possible to develop a 24 hour case of ADD? Because I can’t concentrate on anything today.

The day started off promisingly enough. I updated results from my current book renewal campaign. I love messing around in spreadsheets. That makes me seem even geekier than you already thought I was, doesn’t it? But my spreadsheets never hang up on me or send me snotty emails. Every once in a while they give me news I don’t want, but they are never rude about it. And I like taking a pile of numbers and turning it into useful information. It’s kind of why I like knitting. You start out with some balls of yarn, and then you turn it into a blanket or a sweater. Ok, to be honest, I’ve never actually made a sweater. But someday I’ll be a better knitter, and maybe then I’ll try to make a sweater.

See, I’m getting off track in my own blog! Where was I? Oh yeah, spreadsheet. Then I cleaned up some copy and sent it to Mr. Superior for approval. And then the trouble started. I’m working on some new copy (last chance to get your free book!) and I keep getting distracted.

First, I picked up some reports from my mailbox and started correcting all the details that are wrong on them. Forced myself to write another paragraph, stopped to look up a number I needed, and caught myself humming (Rage Against the Machine’s version of “The Renegades of Funk” if you’re interested) while examining my engagement ring, which looks like it might have some sort of build-up in the setting. Wrote another paragraph, which still needs a little work, and then decided that the little spotted dog on top of my computer would look better perched on my speaker. So I twisted him around so he could sit – I made him sit all slouchy like Seamus does – and realized I’d just spaced out again! I must focus, before disaster hits and I do something ditzy in front of one of my coworkers.

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