Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Notes from my weekend

I am done with cicadas. First, there was the seatbelt incident. Then one attached itself to my shoe and would not come off. The weather was gorgeous on Saturday, but when I went out to lunch with my mom, we had to eat inside because of the cicadas. One flew directly into the back of my head. And now, Seamus has decided that the cicadas are some sort of buffet that nature has created for him. First, he just had to smell every single dead cicada. That’s a lot of cicadas, believe me. Then, he started snatching up the live cicadas and ptooey! spitting them out. Now he has progressed to eating them. Which is a) gross and b) not good for him. So now our walks consist of me yelling “No!” every two feet and him giving me a resentful looks that I won’t let him chase and eat the yummy cicadas. That’s fun.

I am also done with the Safeway by my house. I don’t understand Safeway. They spent a fortune to completely gut and rebuild this store and made it really nice. Then they decided not to bother staffing or stocking it. I went there yesterday, and no one had bothered to bring the carts in from the parking lot all day, so they were spilling out of their little cart corrals and into the lanes of the parking lot. After dodging all of those obstacles, I get inside the store and there are only three checkouts open. The lines are winding their way through the whole front of the store and into the aisles. Then they didn’t have two of the things that I wanted. It is always like this in Safeway. I was in there the other day when I felt sick, and had to wait in line forever to buy my medicine. That’s it. I’m never going in there again if I can avoid it.

And lastly, I am done with apartment living. The power went out on Sunday, and since I didn’t have my fan to block noise, the snoring of the lady downstairs woke me up. Yesterday, my other neighbor was blasting really bad music. She did turn it down when I asked, but I hate having to ask. And then there was lots of hammering going on in the building attached to mine. I want to live in a place where I can’t hear my neighbors snoring or watching TV or doing laundry. I don’t want to smell what they cook I certainly don’t want to know when they have sex, especially in their living room when I’m trying to watch TV in my living room.

What else did I do?

I worked on my new knitting project. I think I made a mistake though, and I have to decide if I can live with it or if I want to start over. John and I had fun hanging out being silly together. We got a Gentleman Jim’s pizza on Saturday. I did laundry, but ignored several other cleaning tasks. We saw the movie Troy. It was ok. I guess you’d say it had script problems, because the actors were fine, but I just didn’t care about them for most of the movie. Paris: spoiled and wussy; Helen: spoiled and shallow; Achilles: arrogant and in very good shape. The only character I connected with in any way at first was Hector. Also, it was very long, and sometimes I had a hard time telling who was killing who. But by the end I did get caught up in the story, so I’ll say it was ok.

Finally, I got sucked into watching the West Wing marathon on Bravo yesterday because I could not take watching one more war movie. Apparently that’s the only thing we’re supposed to want to watch on Memorial Day weekend, because that’s all that was on. I do not usually watch the West Wing, but what I saw of it yesterday was pretty good. I think they were showing the viewer’s choice episodes, so maybe I saw all of the good ones that there are. I’ll have to check it out one night and see.

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