Monday, June 14, 2004

Is this normal?

Or, have I found yet another way to be geeky?

I had a couple of fun conversations yesterday. First, John and I discussed the measures we would take if everyone in the world got zombified, like in 28 Days Later or the new Day of the Dead movie. (Disclaimer: this is not something we’re actually worried about.) We debated different approaches -- I favored heading for the country, where the zombie population would be lower, but John thought we’d be better off staying put. How Seamus would be able to poop without risking zombie attacks -- we figure our nosy next door neighbor would try to talk to the zombies and get infected/bitten almost immediately, so we could just teach him to go in her place. How we would avoid notice – blacking out the windows and avoiding light at night. Then, Laila and I got into a discussion of the many valid points in my Day After Tomorrow post. (We also decided a) Jake Gyllenhal is cute, b) not too young for us c) Laila could totally take Kirsten Dunst in a fight.)

Anyway, after I got off the phone with Laila, I realized something about myself. Once the story (movie, book, anecdote, whatever) is over, I wonder what comes next. In fact, that can sometimes be the most interesting part of the story. For example, in The Day After Tomorrow, how many people survived the storm? Is everyone who survived in Mexico, or did all of those places that I think are really boring like Oklahoma and Kansas come through unscathed? Will they become the happening new places? Will people use technology to try to continue living in the more northerly places? What about Europe? I always wondered that about The Stand too. They show all this devastation in the U.S., but in the book, it mentions something about the military making sure the superflu spread all over the world once it became clear what was happening. What happened to all the people in the other countries? And back in the U.S., once the bad guys are defeated, does everyone have to learn how to be a farmer so they can have food to eat?

Do other people wonder about this stuff? Normal people, not the ones who do stuff like create fan art (a scary phenomenon I only recently discovered) or who write stories based on other people’s characters (which is wondering what comes next and taking it to a whole new level.) Where does the line between being a creative and imaginative person and just plain being an obsessive geek lie?

And even more importantly, have I crossed it?

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