Friday, June 04, 2004

I hate this day and I want to go home

My day so far:

Woke up with a headache.

Seamus ate a ton of grass on our walk, making me worry that he's due for a seizure. Or that he's eaten too many cicadas and they are making him sick.

I'm a big fat cow whose clothes don't fit, making getting dressed for work a challenge.

The theme on my drive in this morning was "cut Hilldery off and then drive under the speed limit for no reason whatsoever." This happened multiple times.

Continue to struggle with the stupid email about the stupid book. Finally send it off to my boss who agrees that what I've written does not work and provides suggestions. Now I get to start over. Oh goody.

The person I want to hire is blowing me off, and my boss seems to be mad at me about it. Not my fault!

Headache lingers. Oh, fuck it, I'm getting a coke. I haven't had one all week.

I wander around Whole Foods in a daze, looking for lunch. Don't even notice one of my coworkers until she says hi. Then just can't work up the energy to be talkative, even though I like her. She probably thinks I'm a total bitch now.

Lunch was kind of yummy. Tomato soup and a salad.

Whining in my blog plus food plus coke is starting to perk me up.

But I still have to write that damn email.

Can I just go home?

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