Friday, June 18, 2004

I am so glad this week is over

Hilldery's work week:

Monday: Knowingly take action that will piss off Mr. Infuriatingly Superior.

Tuesday: Suffer the wrath of Mr. Infuriatingly Superior. Deal with the beginnings of the crisis that comes to a head on

Wednesday: Horrible day with much drama, misery all around and finally, at the very end, the blow that makes me want to hide under the desk.

Thursday: Poke head out from under desk. Win $25. Work on solution to problems that made Wednesday so horrible. Deal with attitude from Mr. Superior, who is going to make me pay for Monday's actions for quite some time. Start to feel better, but end up muttering to self about Mr. Superior while walking the dog, which is supposed to be fun time. I need to learn to not let people get to me.

Friday: Unsuspectingly come to work thinking the worst is behind me. Get hung up on by Ms. Unprofessional Baby (a coworker of Mr. Superior) when I tell her she can't run the offer she wants to run. I told her that yesterday, but I guess she didn't believe me. So she waits until 4:45 on Friday to call me, gets pissy when she can't change my mind, and hangs up on me! And goes to her boss, who calls my boss to say how unreasonable I am. I think the entire company might hate me. I'm actually a very nice, reasonable person. I really am!

So then, at 5:10, my phone rings. It's my new hire who is supposed to start on Monday. But another opportunity has come along and she wants to pursue it, so does she have to start on Monday? Sigh. Good luck with your other opportunity. We don't want someone who doesn't actually want to work here. So now I have to rescind my offer and -- ugh -- start interviewing again.

I'd say that next week will be better, but my boss is on vacation, and I just know that Mr. Superior and Ms. Baby are cooking up ways to make my life hell.

But I'm not going to think about that this weekend. I'm going to relax and put work out of my mind. No matter what!

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