Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Feelings (woh-woh-woh...)

I’m usually a pretty even-keeled person. But today I’ve been all over the place.

This morning I was:

Worried about my Seamus, because he got really worn out last night after playing with another dog for just a little bit. I did not need a reminder that he is getting older.

Cranky, because my stupid stockings went on all twisty. I finally gave up and put on pants.

Pensive about my conversation with Jules yesterday. More on this later. I still haven’t sorted it out yet.

Excited, after I checked my blog and saw that I had gotten a comment from someone who I do not know at all. Naturally, I immediately checked out his blog. I liked it, and not just because he left me a comment.

Sad, for Amalah, whose dad is sick. I also do not need a reminder that my parents are getting older.

Anxious, because I did something yesterday that I knew Mr. Infuriatingly Superior, one of the people I work with, wouldn’t like. I was right to do it, but I had to tell him about it today. Which I did, by email. Cowardly, I know, but it’s not like he ever picks up the phone when I call.

This afternoon, I was:

Indecisive and clumsy at Whole Foods, where I went to get lunch. Nothing looked good, and I almost took out a whole display of baked goods and a guy at the sushi counter with my basket.

Thrilled when I checked the blogs I read while I ate my lunch (balsamic roasted tofu, herbed orzo and tomatoes) and saw that enthusiasticclaire added me to her blogroll list. It’s the first link from anywhere to my site :) Thanks, Claire!

Pleased by the way my boss backed me up when Mr. Infuriatingly Superior responded to my email. She said many nice things about me, including the most important point, which is that I was right.

Happy just thinking about the fact that my friend Laila is coming home for good on July 19th.

, knowing that while Laila wants to come home now, she’s had a rough year, and this isn’t exactly the way she had planned for things to turn out and I shouldn’t be so damn happy about it. So let me make it clear: I’m happy my very bestest friend from high school will be close by. I’m not happy about the circumstances that have brought her home.

Irritated by the fact that my electric bill tripled from last month. Tripled! I got some letter saying the rates were going up due to increased competition. Huh? Isn’t increased competition supposed to make the rates go down, because people can shop around for the best deal? Well, guess what, Pepco? I’ll be checking out the competition now.

And now I’m:

Looking forward to going home.We’re having takeout for dinner. Yummy!

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