Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Wedded Bliss

Two years ago today, my husband and I got married. And it was wonderful. We had exactly the wedding we wanted to have. The ceremony was in the terraced garden of a local historical mansion, just at dusk. It wasn’t very traditional -- Seamus wore a tuxedo and was "best dog". We wrote our own vows, and created our own ceremony with the help of the Unitarian minister who married us. The people we love were there and it really was one of the happiest days of our lives. There was just this…glow, I guess is the best word, over the whole day.

A lot has happened over the last two years. Babies have been born…in fact, Leyton, Katya and Charley were all technically at the wedding – little stowaway guests in their mamas' bellies. Two of my bridesmaids have had babies. First Laila had Noah, and then Jules had Malcolm. People have died. Mary Pat’s dad, which seemed impossible. He’d always been such a powerful presence. And then Leo, which was shocking, and traumatic, and heartbreaking. And my uncle David.

We had crazy sniper attacks, which had our neighborhood getting shut down and men in helicopters with guns flying over. John lost his job, but started going to school full time. My parents sold the house I grew up in and finalized their divorce. I’ve been promoted twice and had four different offices in two buildings. I went to my ten year college reunion. We went on a free Disney cruise to the Bahamas, and actually had fun, even though it rained a lot. The U.S. went to war in Iraq, which made me sad, and John angry.

And through it all – good and bad – we’ve grown ever closer together. We dated for seven years before we got married, so I didn’t really think it would make a huge difference in our lives. It actually did, though. We talk about things in a way we never did before. We make plans in a way we wouldn’t have before. We’re hoping to start a family, although we already have a pack – me, John and Seamus.

And I am so in love with my husband.

Even though we don’t always agree, I love that he has such strong convictions. I love that he loves the real me…the goofy me who shows him the dance the Count was doing on Sesame Street and who cries during ER…the geeky me who reads fantasy novels…the insecure me who worries about inconsequential things…the lazy me who has skipped vacuuming the house for quite a while now…well, you get the idea. I love his sense of humor. No one can make me laugh like he does. I love that he insists on recycling everything. I love how he loves our dog. I love his creativity, his high standards, the silly stuff he does and how he makes me be a better person.

I could go on and on and on, but when you get right down to it, no matter what I’m doing, I could have just as much fun sitting on the couch, hanging out with John. He’s my best friend and I’m very glad we got married.

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