Thursday, May 20, 2004

My very first post ever!

So, I've been sitting here, staring at the computer, trying to figure out how to start.

Do I talk about my motivations for starting a blog? (Nope, no one cares about my motivations.)

Should I give a little introduction to who I am? (That seems pointless, since most of the people who read this blog probably already know me. For now anyway. Because, of course, this will become one of the most fabulous blogs ever, read by millions!)

How about bringing up my doubts about blogging? Like, will I stick with it? What about things I wouldn't want my coworkers -- or worse, my parents -- to know? Eh, that's probably been done before.

Maybe tell a funny story about my day? Did anything funny even happen to me today? Well, I thought it was Friday when I first got up. Then I thought it was Wednesday for a while, but I finally managed to connect to reality and figured out it was Thursday. Wait, that just makes me seem spacy, not funny.

Oh my god, stop over-analyzing just fucking write something already!

And so I did.

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